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Need a Summer Camp in Spring, Texas, for your daycare-aged child?

Posted on 06-11-2014


The summer vacation season can equate to boredom for daycare-aged children who are lacking appropriate activities to occupy their time while away from school. At Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Spring, Texas, we are accepting registration for our popular Camp Nature Kids summer camp. This unforgettable ten-week virtual odyssey transforms campers into miniature scientists, explorers and adventurers as they investigate the vast and wonderful world that awaits them. Our summer camp program accommodates children ages 3 through 12, and our year-round Learning Academy accepts infants at six weeks through children of 12 years.

What our Kids 'R' Kids program involves:

During the first two weeks of camp, your child will be introduced to many of the topics covered later, with an emphasis on developing their five senses to investigate dirt and mud, animals, insects, and plants, too!

We emphasize childhood exploration and learning, while also having fun!

Most kids enjoy getting dirty! Our classroom camp gives children an appropriate and supervised outlet to play in the mud, and investigate why dirt is so essential to the Earth's ecosystem. Understanding why pigs wallow and the reason wiggly worms glide through the mud, are just a few things uncovered when our campers dig in the dirt!

Bugs, wildlife and more!

Chirp like a cricket? Hop like a grasshopper? Flutter like a butterfly? There are so many interesting insects for campers to investigate and understand that all living creatures are important!

Animals, insects and other creatures possess unique characteristics that make them perfectly suited for their habitats. Our summer campers will learn about all of these living creatures and those compatible habitats which include snakes, rabbits, and owls. Campers also will investigate reptiles, mammals, and birds in our classroom to become a young ambassador for all creatures both big and small!

Learn more about our program and how to enroll your child

Our 2014 Summer Camp promises to be the most exciting yet! Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Spring, Texas has programs for pre-school aged children through 12 years old. It is our philosophy that interactive activities contribute and enhance every child's learning experience and cognitive development.

Discover the wonderful summer activities awaiting your children at Camp Nature! Summer break will not equate to boring for your children if they become one of our campers! Enrolling them in Camp Nature Kids will allow your child to explore the outdoors while also engaging their five senses, and developing an appreciation for nature.

School schedules and parental work responsibilities often clash and that is why our academy remains open during all school vacations and seasonal holidays. We provide flexible and fun options for working families with young children.

For more information about the summer activities at Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Spring, Texas, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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